Pandigital Personal Scanner/ Converter Makes Scanning Wireless

Scanning a photo, although vital in several businesses, is a daunting task. You plug that bulky, space-consuming device onto the computer, load a photo software, insert a document, wait as it scans, crop the image, and saving it. Pandigital‘s latest Personal Photo Scanner/ Converter helps users cut the tedious process, even for a little bit.

Simple feed the document (up to letter-sized paper) to the device and it saves straight to a memory card (whether SD, Memory Stick, or others) at 600dpi resolution. If you still prefer it the old-fashioned way, just plug it into the computer using a mini-USB plug.

The Pandigital Personal Scanner/ Converter is now available on its online store and authorized retailers, costing US$149.99.

Source: Engadget

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