PancakeBot Food Printer For Fun Breakfasts

pancakebot-food-printerParents always tell the kids not to play with food. What they mean is that you should not make waste of them. That does not necessarily mean that you cannot have fun with food and enjoy it. There are many ways people can have fun with food. This high tech PancakeBot Food Printer is just one of them.

The PancakeBot Food Printer will give you a fun and enjoyable way to make the pancakes that you eat during breakfast. It is the first pancake printer that can dispense batter directly into the griddle. Users can choose from any pre-made designs available online or create their personal pancake masterpiece by using the free software that works with PancakeBot. Users can then load the designs into an SD card and load it into the PancakeBot. When the printer bottle is loaded with pancake batter and then the device is turned on, it will recreate the design and “print” it into the heated griddle in the middle. It can pretty much print any design and make your unique pancakes. Your breakfast becomes fun and enjoyable with the PancakeBot to design unique pancakes for you. it is available at Amazon for $295.

Image Source: Amazon

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