Panasonic Waterproof Portable TVs

We know that electricity and water do not mix, so the idea of putting the TV near the swimming pool or right beside the bathtub is definitely a no-no. But Panasonic wants us to take the risk of enjoying our favorite programs close by as we bathe.

The ME550 and ME650 Vieras feature 5-inch LCD screens with 480 x 272 resolution. Its speakers are larger than other portable Digital Vieras in the market and have boosted 1Seg tuners. Both models can record video files to SDXC cards. The difference, however, is that only ME650 has the PMP functionality as it can play back audio, video, and display image files from storage.

The best part? Both of them are waterproof and expect these models to hit the Japanese market by May 2010.

Source: Akihabara News, via Engadget

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