Panasonic Viera SV-ME850V Portable TV

Panasonic Viera SV-ME850V Portable TV

The Panasonic Viera SV-ME850V portable 1Seg TV is quite an interesting gadget to check out. Aside from being sleek and handy, it has one more feature that not all televisions may not have. The Panasonic Viera SV-ME850V TV is waterproof.

The Panasonic Viera SV-ME850V is not an ordinary TV by the way. It is what is now called a 1Seg TV. 1seg is a mobile terrestrial digital audio, video and data broadcasting service that is available in Japan and Brazil. This means that the market for this type of portable TV might be limited in those regions.

Aside from being a portable 1seg TV, the Panasonic Viera SV-ME850V also acts as a portable media player as it can play audio, image and video files in AAC, mp3, WMA and JPEG formats. It supports the use of SD and SDHC flash cards and may also be able to record 1seg video broadcasts. It is also equipped with an AM/FM radio and can be connected to a USB port of a PC.

Image Source: Panasonic

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