Panasonic Viera G10 Plasma TV

Panasonic Viera G10 Plasma TV

Newer television models never cease to amaze in terms of better and enhanced viewing quality. Better features and larger displays become quite common nowadays. With more people preferring home entertainment getting close to theater viewing quality, television models such as the Panasonic Viera G10 Plasma TV easily catches attention.

The slim and sleek design of the Panasonic Viera G10 alone may not be enough to get heads turning since most of HDTV’s today also have similar designs. It is the features and the excellent video quality that the Panasonic Viera G10 provides which makes it quite interesting to know more about.

What makes the Panasonic Viera G10 quite interesting is that it is one of those few TV’s around that is THX Certified in terms of its display. Several requirements are needed for such televisions to be certified as such and the Viera G10 has been able to acquire one. The THX Certification gives the Viera G10 that distinct quality of being able to provide movie images just as how the movie makers intended them to come out. That is as close to a movie theater experience as you can get. Aside from its 1080p HDTV as well as photo image viewing features, the Viera G10 also offers the Viera Cast, allowing you to enjoy Internet content right on your TV screen. The Viera G10 is available at Panasonic at a price of around US$1,200 for the 42-inch model.

Image Source: Panasonic

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