Panasonic versus Samsung 3D TV, which is better?

In the 3D TV market, there are two brands that have been floating around: Samsung and Panasonic. With these expensive devices, how can you be sure that you are purchasing the right product for your preferences and budget? The folks over at 3D TV Buying Guide weigh in the differences between Samsung PN50C8000 and Panasonic TC-P50VT25 (pictured).

When it comes to image viewing, there is little to tell apart, after all, there aren’t that many 3D TV to compare with. The reviewers noticed more natural color on the Samsung TV, which is just the same when viewing non-3D content. They have also noticed some out-of-focus picture element when using the Panasonic model.

Switching between Standard Definition and HD is also considered. While the contents in the Panasonic produced vibrant and vivid images, it still needs to be calibrated a bit to tone down because the image tends to get saturated. Meanwhile, the Samsung model has a balance of color information and uniformity, while presented in clean and clear manner. The colors may be a bit washed out on some occasions, but further viewing reveals them to be realistic enough.

When it comes to appearance, Panasonic decides not to abuse the aesthetics, with its 3D TV presented on a black gloss 2.25″ bezel framing and a dark teal green screen that contrasts poorly with the black frame. The Samsung, meanwhile, has less than 2″ of matte dark frame, includes a clear neck on the swiveling table top stand, and a dark black screen.

Overall, the website judges the Samsung PN50C8000 as a superior 3D TV model. Looks like the bar has been set pretty high among the current models. With the introduction of newer versions of 3D TV, expect more features and exciting design elements to come.

Source: 3D TV Buying Guide

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