Panasonic SC-ZT2 Wireless Home Theater System

Wireless systems seem to be catching on among many gadget lovers and enthusiasts. The fact that devices nowadays use less wires makes them quite convenient and appealing to check out. The convenience can even be more appreciated when you are looking for a home theater system for your home.

Less wires mean less problems. It can’t be more true than with the new Panasonic SC-ZT2 Wireless Home Theater System. This unique Full HD 3D home theater system features a receiver capable of processing Full HD 3D signals and provide rich surround sound through its unique ultra-slim pole speakers. The speaker units, despite its incredible slim profile, can provide up to a virtual 7.1 channel system using only two speakers. Each speaker unit contains four tweeters high frequency audio outputs and a long stroke woofer for deep bass sounds. And with the system being wireless, it may be quite easy to set up without the need for unsightly wires. But this convenience may not come cheap. The Panasonic SC-ZT2 Wireless Home Theater System is available at Panasonic for US$1000.

Image Source: Panasonic

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