Panasonic SC SP100 iPod Audio System

Having an Apple iPod or iPhone alone may longer be the case for those who wish to use these popular devices in many other ways. Because of their popularity, many other accessories have been developed like portable audio systems and docking stations in order to make them even more versatile. One interesting example would be the new Panasonic SC SP100 iPod Audio System.

The Panasonic SC SP100 iPod Docking Speaker System looks unlike any other docking stations or iPod audio systems out there. It combines both unique design along with powerful features to complement your cool Apple iPod or iPhone. This portable audio system features a Dynamic Bass Sound with its built-in subwoofer and a dual passive radiator that produces deep and robust bass. Its compact design makes it easy to place virtually anywhere. The unique design makes it quite an interesting docking station to have. The Panasonic SC SP100 iPod Audio System is available at Amazon for 81UK Pounds or around US$130.

Image Source: Panasonic

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