Panasonic SC-PT960 Home Theater System

Panasonic SC-PT960 Home Theater System

The Panasonic SC-PT960 home theater system is composed of a DVD changer and AV receiver and a six speaker set. What it offers is great sound quality to go along with the video or movie that you’re watching. The center speaker is made with a rigid bamboo material to help produce its clear sound. A dual diameter structured sub woofer provides the deep and powerful bass while its Whisper Mode surround feature allows users to enjoy rich surround sound even at low volumes.

The DVD multi-changer that comes with the Panasonic SC-PT960 offers high quality picture from DVD sources. It is capable of up-scaling videos in DVD definition into 1080p high definition quality. This allows the Panasonic SC-PT960 to become quite compatible with your new HDTV. Other features of the Panasonic SC-PT960 include wireless connectivity for its rear speakers to do away with the clutter of wires when setting up the system. The system can also be expanded by possibly adding a separate wireless speaker kit that can be set up in another room.

In addition, having its own iPod dock allows users to make use of the Panasonic SC-PT960 theater audio system in order to listen to their favorite music on their favorite portable media player. The Panasonic SC-PT960 is also enhanced with the Viera link feature that allows menus from the home theater system to be displayed and controlled via the Panasonic television and remote control. The Panasonic SC-PT960 is available at Panasonic for US$500.


Image Source: Panasonic



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