Panasonic SC NP10 Wireless Speaker System

With digital devices such as tablets gaining popularity and wider usage among more and more people, it stands to someday replace the computer as a primary media device. It might even set to replace the TV as the primary source of entertainment for some people. But for now, such portable devices may not yet be that comparable to home entertainment systems in terms of providing a better quality entertainment experience overall. But it is slowly getting there, with devices like the Panasonic SC NP10 Wireless Speaker System to complement portable devices like tablets.

The new Panasonic SC NP10 Wireless Speaker System is designed primarily for tablet users who like to improve the audio experience they get from their portable device. This will especially enhance movie viewing on the tablet with this wireless speaker able to provide better than usual sound quality to complement the videos you watch on your tablet. It comes with a 2.1 channel sound system with a pair of 7W speakers and an upward facing 7W subwoofer.

The Panasonic SC NP10 Wireless Speaker System connects to a portable device wirelessly via Bluetooth. It also acts as an ideal stand for tablets when watching movies. The Panasonic SC NP10 Wireless Speaker System provides a means to enhance the audio quality when your tablet or portable device speakers just won’t do. It is expected to be available in the Japanese market sometime in May of this year, and possibly the rest of the world a bit later. Pricing details for this wireless speaker system is yet to be announced.

Image Source: Panasonic

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