Panasonic NC-ZK1 Kettle

Panasonic Electric KettleHaving hot water ready for your morning coffee or tea is usually the job of the dependable kettle. It does its work so well that people still rely on it now and again. This may be one reason why innovation for the hot water kettle is so rare. Why fix something that is not broken, right? However, that does not stop Panasonic from giving people a more modern option for heating up their water in the mornings. There is the new Panasonic NC-ZK1 Kettle for those who like to explore the other different ways of making hot water in style.

The new Panasonic NC-ZK1 Kettle offers a unique approach to heating water for your coffee or tea. This stylish looking hot water kettle can heat up to 1.4 liters of water using induction technology. It is convenient as well as a safer option because of this. It comes with a base that serves as the kettle’s induction heater. Users only need to place the kettle into the base to heat up the water.

The design of the new Panasonic NC-ZK1 aims to save space on the kitchen countertop. Its rectangular box shape with a spout and a handle makes it easy for people to recognize as a kettle. Its stainless steel wrap complements the look with the cool touch exterior. A blue LED indicator helps users know if the kettle is heating up. An easy to view water level indicator helps users know how much water is left. Its Auto Shut Off feature ensures safety in the kitchen, especially for people who forget that they are heating up water on the stove. The Panasonic NC-ZK1 Kettle is available at Panasonic for US$180.

Image Source: Panasonic

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