Panasonic Lumix TS3 Rugged Digital Camera

The emergence of the digital camera has made it easy and convenient for people to take pictures. Many point and shoot digital cameras with simple functions take out the complexities of taking digital photos for most people. But not all of them can work well in different environments, especially in more rugged surroundings. The new Panasonic Lumix TS3 Rugged Digital Camera would be more ideal for use in such instances.

The Lumix TS3 is the new rugged digital camera from Panasonic that allows users to capture HD videos as well as photos even in rugged surroundings. This digital camera features a 12.1 MP sensor and a 28mm wide angle Leica DC Vario-Elamar lens with an optical zoom of up to 4.6x. It also comes with a built-in GPS function, an altimeter as well as a barometer. It also features the new Panasonic 3D Photo mode which allows the camera to produce realistic 3D photos that can be displayed on the Panasonic VIERA 3D HDTV.

But what makes the new Lumix TS3 unique is that it was built with toughness in mind. Unlike its TS2 predecessor, the Lumix TS3 is now waterproof for up to 40 feet or 12 meters underwater. It is also shockproof, dust proof and freeze proof, making it ideal for use in even the harshest environments. The new Panasonic Lumix TS3 is expected to be available by March of this year. Pricing for this rugged digital camera has not yet been revealed though.

Image Source: Panasonic

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