Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ50

lumix 10x

Digital cameras are everywhere, but this latest model from Panasonic provides more than just quality photographs. The Lumix DMC-TZ50 has a built-in wireless LAN communications function, meaning that it can be accessed through Wi-Fi, which complies with international standards.

This digital camera lets you get connected with a T-Mobile HotSpot or home wireless LAN system without having to use a PC or cell phone. Once connected, you can gain access through your photographs stored in Google’s Picasa Web Album and upload your photos on the website right from your camera, as well as check or delete your photos in Picasa without having to use a PC or cellphone. Uploaded photos comes to your e-mail as a corresponding link that you can forward to your family and friends so that they can view those beautiful photos straight from your web album.

The TZ50 can fit sweeping landscapes into a single frame with its 28mm wide-angle lens. You can pull in subjects from far away and still capture event their subtlest of facial expressions with the dynamic 280mm telephoto setting with extra optical zoom that extends to as much as 16.9x. At a whopping 9.1 megapixels, the Lumix DMC TZ50 is an ideal traveling companion.

The camera also has five unique Intelligent Auto function that team up to help prevent shooting errors. It can automatically correct lighting differences, lighting modes, blurring from handshake and moving subject, as well as focus and exposure settings.

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