Panasonic "Let's Chat" Tablet: Helping the Handicapped Communicate

Panasonic Healthcare, a subsidiary of Panasonic, has unveiled the “Let’s Chat” device. This tablet-like gadget helps people who cannot speak or use their hands to communicate with others. Its target market includes people suffering from sclerosis or those recovering from serious accidents.

User needs to push to a button on “Let’s Chat” to make a phrase on the display. The example on the image is “Get me water” in Japanese. The message can even be read aloud and has up to 62 pre-programmed phrases.

It also has a buzzer button in case no one is around and the user needs to communicate. It even doubles as a TV remote control, which works with most Japanese TVs.

The Let’s Chat is now available in Japan and costs US$1,980.

Source: Panasonic Japan, via CrunchGear

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