Panasonic Introduces Contactless Charge Pad In Japan

Wireless charging of devices seems to be next in line for future charging devices. After all, wireless charging offers a convenience that many device owners may welcome since it may no longer require the need for wires and a number of separate chargers for devices. There have already been several of such wireless device chargers being offered in the market today. Panasonic has recently introduced its own version with its contactless Charge Pad charging solution.

Panasonic has come up with its own version of a wireless charging solution for devices. It features the use of existing technology developed by Sanyo for its eneloop range of charging devices, as the latter has become a subsidiary of Panasonic. The new Panasonic QE-TM101-W Charge Pad makes use of back-up power devices similar to the Sanyo Mobile Booster that can be used to recharge USB powered devices.

The new Panasonic Charge Pad makes use of QI Technology to allow the portable battery chargers to be recharged when placed in any position on the charging pad. The portable chargers houses

lithium ion or Ni-MH batteries where the power is stored to be used, in turn to charge a number of USB powered devices. This charging solution may provide another option that may be considered by device users when charging their many portable devices. The new Panasonic Contactless Charge Pad is expected to be available in Japan by June of this year. No pricing has yet been provided for this new charging device.

Image Source: Panasonic

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