Panasonic HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System

People hold home security in high regard. It is one of those characteristics of today’s home that many families are increasingly investing in. After all, nothing beats having a peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and safe. This new Panasonic HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System ensures that it always stays that way.

Uncertainty can drive the fear among home owners when it comes to a secure home. The Panasonic HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System aims to banish such fears by providing people with a way to monitor their homes wherever they may be.  The Panasonic HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System does just that. It can be configured to be a single full-color HD camera to monitor one’s front door. Unlike most camera systems, this camera features a 172-degree angle lens that can cover a door from top to bottom as well as the entry area from left to right. It also operated without wires and is weather-resistant as well.

TheHomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System can also be combined with other 16 HD cameras to provide visual monitoring of the entire home perimeter or keep an eye on what is happening inside the home. In addition, all HomeHawk HD cameras come with two-way audio with speakers and microphone built-in. Gone are the days when security cameras provide only low-grade and blurry black and white video. You can now have full-color HDquality surveillance video for improved home security. Its wireless capabilities and with smartphone app supportfor viewing and control, this home security system takes it to another level. Panasonic has recently introduced this new home security system at CES 2018 held in Las Vegas last January. Pricing details and availability is to be announced at a later date.

Image Source: Panasonic


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