Panasonic DMP HV200 Portable TV With Gesture Control

Touchscreen displays and TV sets have become quite cool to have nowadays. But there are just times when touching the screen may not always be the preferred way to have control over what you are watching. Even a remote control won’t quite do if you have dirty hands. It is in such cases where the new Panasonic DMP HV200 Portable TV might come in handy- users can control it simply through hand gestures.

The Panasonic DMP HV200 Portable TV features a User Interface that allows you to change the channel or adjust the volume via hand gestures without ever touching the unit or using a remote control. This unique portable TV has a 10 inch screen that can be used to watch terrestrial TV or video feed via WiFi, SDXC cards or a USB cable. It can also come with an optional battery pack that can provide 3.5 hours of viewing pleasure without the portable TV being connected to an AC outlet. The Panasonic DMP HV200 Portable TV is currently available in the Japanese market and may cost around 50,000 Japanese Yen or US$600.

Image Source: Panasonic

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