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palm treo 

Appearances aside, what makes the Palm Treo Pro a special gadget is the fact that it was specifically made for a certain type of people like business people. Considered a hi-end gizmo itself, the design of the Palm Treo Pro is not as glitzy as it is. However, it has the makings of a true blue device every business man wants. If doing business presentation is one of the things that you are good at, this device will fit you the most.

Never mistake its design for anything else as it is truly different when it comes to design and style. With memory of about 100 MB and a micro SD slot, it weighs at about 133 grams; it comes in black-iPhone-ish black, that is. Its functionality, just like any similar device fits anyone who would want their own gizmos to have a QWERTY keyboard as well as a touchscreen.

Palm Treo Pro has a voice recorder and the ability to support all audio, video and picture file formats. It also comes with a 2 megapixel camera and a 320 x 320 screen resolution. Palm Treo has a USB connectivity, Bluetooth, HSDPA, Next G, 3G, plus GPS, EDGE and HSDPA network services. Perhaps, what’s the best about it; it has Windows Mobile as operating system.

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