Palm Puts the Plus on Pre and Pixi

Palm Pre Plus

Palm announced a bunch of product updates, which includes a beefed-up Pre and Pixi handsets, which will be available on Verizon Wireless.

The Palm Pre Plus (pictured) looks similar to its predecessor, except what used to be a single button is no more, resulting in a sleeker design.  It also has adopted the Pixi’s capacitive touch area below the screen.  Now users can simply tap that area when closing an app.

Meanwhile, the Palm Pixi Plus looks like the original Pixi, but it is now updated with WiFi connectivity.  The covers will come in a variety of colors like pink, blue, green, orange, and black.

Other updates included in both handsets are the Mobile Hotspot app, which turns the phone into a WiFi access point for five other devices like your netbook; a video capture app that trims your clips by dragging a handle through a series of thumbnail-sized stills and uploads directly to Facebook and YouTube; and an Adobe Flash 10.1 player for the Pre’s browser.

Both the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will be subsidized through Verizon Wireless.  No word yet on the pricing, though.

Image source:  MobileBurn

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