Palm Pre


From the company that started the "the mobile-computing revolution" comes its latest innovation. Palm Pre is equipped with a 900/2100MHz processor with 288MB of RAM.


It’s fitted with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, its keys are too gummy, like you’re using a simple old mobile phone instead of a smart phone. The top row is also just a tad too close to the slider screen; you’d have to slant your fingers when you type.


The Pre’s homescreen has a Quick Launch bar along the bottom of the screen which allows for quick access to oft-used functions such as contacts, calendar, or any shortcut of your choice. Plus, you can also see your wall paper on your home screen as well.


Palm Pre makes multitasking easier with its deck-of-cards visualization. You can view each open app at once; shuffle them any way you want. The visualization drains the battery life, but not much more than on other smartphones like the iPhone.

Image source: MSN

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