Pacif-i Smart Pacifier

Pacif-iTechnology eventually ends up into some interesting applications once some creative people come up with out-of-this-world ideas. That’s okay since it indicates that creativity is not dead in the world. Just consider this unique Pacif-i Smart Pacifier and you will realize that even a little tech addition can matter a lot in otherwise ordinary gadgets.

Pacifiers help keep infants busy and therefore help keep the peace around the home. But that is just about what it can do. But the people at BlueMaestro thought otherwise and created a smart pacifier that does more than what any ordinary pacifier can.

The BlueMaestro Pacif-i comes with a feature that allows it to measure an infant’s temperature. That is one very creative way of trying to keep a thermometer in place long enough to get a baby’s body temperature reading. Any parent will tell you just how challenging taking an infant’s temperature can be. Not only does the Pacif-i take body temperature readings of infants. It can also send that data to a connected app for Android or iOS devices via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. The Pacif-i Smart Pacifier can also keep track of the medication parents give to their baby from the app such as medicine type, dosage and the time it was given. This smart pacifier also has a built-in tracker, allowing parents to find it in case infants decide to hide it somewhere. The BlueMaestro Pacif-i Smart Pacifier is now available at the company’s website for around 40 UK Pounds or around $58.

Image Source: Pacif-i

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