Owen E1 E-Book Reader to Be Released in China

Owen E1 e-book reader

With the Americans leading the way in the ebook reader craze through the likes of Kindle and Nook, it would not be too long before another economic superpower catches on.  Chinese company ONN (also referred to as "Owen") is set to release its very own e-reader, which will be named the Owen E1.

This Chinese e-book reader has a five-inch e-ink display, smaller than its American counterparts.  It can display 20 lines of text per page and up to 30 characters at every line.  Aside from the usual file formats needed for digital books, it also supports MP3, WMA, and OGG formats as well as image files.  Whether it can show images in color, however, is still not clear. 

There is no news yet of its official release, but we hope it would become available outside Mainland China.

Image source:  IMP3.net

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