OvRcharge Levitating Wireless Charger 

wireless charging

wireless chargingCharging devices has just become a mundane task that gadget-savvy people have to contend with day in and day out. Whenever devices need some charging, people need to find the nearest power outlet, take out the charger, plug in the device to recharge, and then wait. It is during the waiting period that many people find frustrating. There is just not much to do during the wait with the device still on charge. With the OvRcharge Levitating Wireless Charger, people will not be looking at recharging in the same way again.

The OvRcharge adds up a cool factor into device charging. People can enjoy looking at their charging device levitating and spinning in thin air while waiting for it to recharge.  Seeing something afloat and defy gravity always fascinates. The OvRcharge does this quite successfully. It comes with a charging base and a special device casing to make charging and device levitation possible.

Charging is done wirelessly by the help of induction charging. The special casing is compatible with many of the popular smartphone models and is used to connect the smartphone to start recharging. The floating device is made possible with the help of magnetic levitation, keeping the device afloat by means of a magnetic field in between the charging base and the charging device. The special casing comes with a magnet at the back to make sure that it remains floating in position while being used for charging. Even when the device is fully charged, the device will remain floating and spinning in midair, making it an interesting sight to see.

The OvRcharge Levitating Wireless Charger is currnetly conducting a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to produce the funds needed to ramp up production. Interested parties can get one for a price of CAN$239, or around US$186. Delivery of the first batch is expected to happen sometime this December.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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