Ovie Smartware Offers Less Wastage From Food Leftovers

Food wastage can come from improper storage and neglect. Leftover food stored in the fridge does not necessarily mean that they will still be put to good use later on. A lot of people are guilty of neglecting leftovers. They usually end up at the very back of the fridge as more and more leftovers pile up. In order to prevent such neglect, the Ovie Smartware may be  high tech way to do just that.

Smart Storage Containers

The Ovie Smartware system of food containers will help users keep track of their leftover food. It reminds people to eat them before they get spoiled and becomes trash. The smart way of storing leftover food consists of using Smart Tags, 6-cup containers, clips as well as a universal connector. These devices enable users to keep track of their leftover food and use them before they become bad.

Each Smart Tag comes with a light ring that provides the visual cues to notify users of the state of stored leftover food inside the fridge. It starts of as a green light to indicate that the leftover food is still good to eat. After several days, the light turns to yellow to alert users that the stored leftovers should be eaten soon. When the red light comes up, then it is time to dispose of the leftovers. In a way, it prevents leftovers and then alert users on when they are still good to eat. Not only that, this system of storage can also free up some valuable fridge space for the things that matter more.

The Ovie Smartware system is currently available at Kickstarter. A starter set costs around $75. The basic set is composed 3 Smart Tags, 3 6-cup containers, and an Ovie Hub that allows Smart Tags to alert the Ovie app. The sets are expected to be available sometime in February next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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