Ossia Cota Introduces New Wireless Charging Technology

Ossia CotaRecharging devices is an essential task if you wish to make efficient use of your gadgets. From quick chargers to wireless charging, people are looking for ways to make this task even more convenient. The latter seems to be the best option available. But current wireless charging technology still requires your gadget in close proximity with the charging base to do its work. But a new company called Ossia is introducing its Cota wireless charging technology to allow users to recharge devices from 10 to even 30 feet away.

The Cota wireless charging technology from Ossia may be the next step towards true wireless charging. The technology requires devices with a Cota chip that sends an RF signal. The prototype also features a Cota receiving base station that contains thousands of tiny antennas that receive the RF signals from different angles. The base station then sends out RF wireless power in the same direction as it received the signal, thereby recharging a supported device in midair.

For this technology to work, devices may need to be equipped with the Cota chip built into its hardware. An option of using a separate housing for devices is also possible but may have limited use based on availability. The company is currently improving on its Cota chip design to enable device makers to cram it into their hardware. They are also initially creating a base station that allows charging devices from 10 feet away. Eventually bigger base stations will enable wireless charging that can cover entire homes. Although the current Ossia Cota prototype can recharge devices four times as long as current wired chargers, the concept has interesting and exciting applications to look forward to.

Image Source: Ossia

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