OSIM uCrown 2 Head Massager

OSIM uCrown 2 head massager

Machine-based massagers have made comfort and relaxation more convenient and cost-saving (if you look at it in the long run).  Imagine the money you would pay every time you call for a masseuse just to massage… say, your head and scalp.  Then why not invest them all in one convenient gadget?

The OSIM uCrown 2 head massaging helmet assures soothing massages every time you put it on your head.  This AA battery-powered device simulates how a professional massage therapist does it, using a patented combination of air pressure technology, vibration, magnetic therapy, gentle heat, and soothing music to make your head and scalp warm and relaxed.  Each preset program targets key acupressure points for the desired effect as well as an auto-time that lets you set the massage session at 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

The uCrown 2 has an ergonomic design.  It is adjustable and comfortable for all head sizes.  It also contains three soundtracks, built-in speakers, earphone, and remote control.

The OSIM uCrown 2 is available at Brookstone for only US$199.99 with added-value replacement plans.  Consult your doctor first, though.

Image source:  OSIM

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