Orp Smart Horn

Bike safety is all about following the biking rules having the right equipment to go with it. The bike horn and the bike lights are just two of the safety equipment that a bike requires to make it ideal for travel on the road. Having both in the Orp Smart Horn certainly will make things more convenient for most bikers out there.

The Orp Smart Horn is a unique combination of a loud horn and a light beacon all in one convenient device. The Orp is capable of creating a dual tone 96dB sound that will surely alert anyone in the vicinity that you’re there. It also comes with a front beacon lightproduced by Super Twin Power Nichia LED’s that will help provide another safety feature to your bike. It all comes in a handy design covered with silicone cast skin that users can easily attach into the bike’s handle bars. The Orp Smart Horn, or Smorn is currently approaching the conclusion of its successful Kickstarter campagin. It is planned for production around the summer. It is still available for pre-order at Kickstarter for US$40. After that, the Orp Smorn will then be available for US$50 retail once it is available.

Image Source: Orpland

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