OriginStorage Data Locker Pro

Data security is important. For companies that require personnel data transfers using portable storage devices, this can be quite a challenge. Such need required for better and more effective data storage solutions with a higher level of data security. The new OriginStorage Data Locker Pro may provide such a solution.

The OriginStorage Data Locker Pro provides a higher level of data security. It is equipped with more than just a 128-Bit AES hardware encryption that protects the data stored into it. The Data Locker Pro itself is equipped with an independent authentication and security measures for added data protection without the need for PC interaction. It also has a self-destruct option that would erase all data stored on it if ever it comes into the wrong hands. Such high level of data protection and security does not come cheap. The OriginStorage Data Locker Pro costs about 435 UK Pounds for the 1TB model. It may be worth the price if the data stored into it proves to be more valuable.

Image Source: OriginStorage

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