OrigAudio Folding Cardboard Speakers

OrigAudio Folding Cardboard Speakers

Talk about unique and handy. OrigAudio speakers may be something you may not have seen before but is actually quite simple enough. Imagine that you have a portable music player you bring along with you with a play list that you want to share with friends? Listening may then be limited to using headphones because bringing along speakers may be out of the question. Enter the OrigAudio Folding Cardboard speakers and you can consider your problem solved.

OrigAudio Cardboard Speakers add a simple and unique twist to a portable speaker system. They are essentially speakers made out of a cardboard body that you can fold into a box when used and flatten out when you need to keep them. OrigAudio speakers are self-powered 1-watt portable speakers that are essentially convenient to bring along. They are made out of heavy duty recycled cardboard for durability. Fold them and they transform into a three-inch cube speaker that supports any music player with a headphone jack.

The OrigAudio Folding Cardboard Speakers also come in a variety of artful designs. There is also a blank cardboard model that allows you to create your own designs on your cardboard speakers if you wish. Priced at only US$16 a pair, the OrigAudio cardboard speakers really offer a convenient means to bring speakers along without the hassle. It is available at the OrigAudio website.

Image Source: OrigAudio

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