Oregon Scientific Wireless Talking Thermometer

Oregon Scientific Wireless Talking Thermometer

Cooks can sure appreciate devices that would help the cooking task become more convenient and easier. Technology may be able to lend a helping hand in such cases. That is why you may now see such devices in the market like the Oregon Scientific Wireless Talking Thermometer.

Cooking can sometimes require several tasks being done simultaneously at any one time. Experienced cooks know how easy it would be to forget and leave something cooking way too long on the stove or oven that can easily lead to a ruined meal. Many would keep their eyes on what they’re cooking just to avoid such problems. But this can sometimes become all too boring when you can spend it watching TV or talking with a friend or a relative.

This would be possible with the Oregon Scientific’s Wireless Talking Thermometer in your kitchen. This high tech thermometer is composed of a main unit and a sensor/ transmitter unit. Both are connected wirelessly with the sensor transmitting signals to the main unit. The sensor unit also is equipped with a probe that reads the temperature of the object it is inserted on. So when you put the probe on the meat, it measures the temperature reached by the cooked meat. It can also transmit verbal alerts to the main unit until such time that it has reached a perfect temperature. This would allow cooks to be alerted with a "voice" when something in the oven or the barbecue grill is now ready for serving.

The main unit is good enough to receive signals from the sensor a good 330 feet distance. Cooks can find time doing some other things outside of the kitchen while waiting for the meat to cook. The main unit can be programmed according to the type of food being cooked and at what temperature the cook may be alerted. It can be quite a useful device to have at the kitchen and it can be yours for US$70 at Oregon Scientific.

Image Source: Oregon Scientific

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