Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station

Crystal Weather Station

Weather forecasts have become an everyday concern for most people, just like the news. Aside from television and radio, some people are getting their weather forecast updates through unique gadget for the home. The Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station is one of them.

The Crystal Weather Station is unique in that it incorporates stylish design with an essential function to make up a device that can stand up by itself as a unique feature piece in the home. This Crystal Weather Station makes use of technology and unique design to make it into a relatively simple device yet one that clearly stands out. It can be seen as a block of crystal divided in the middle with a striking contrast differences.

The upper portion is made up of a translucent crystal with a uniquely laser engraved 3D icons inside. The icons stand for sunny, cloudy and rainy weather that light up indicating the current weather conditions. The bottom portion is of midnight black color that houses a display that indicates the time and indoor temperature. Users can switch between time and indoor temperature indicators with a simple wave of a hand, thank to the built in infra red motion sensors in the unit. The Crystal Weather Station is available at Oregon Scientific and sells at around US$70.

Image Source: Oregon Scientific

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