Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Action Cam

Capturing all the sports action is now possible with the number of action cameras available in the market today. But for all their high tech wizardry, most action cameras can only be limited to take a single view of all the action. The arrival of the ATC Chameleon from Oregon Scientific will change all that.

The ATC Chameleon Action Cam for Oregon Scientific features not just one camera, but two. It allows users to capture and record action shots from two different angles with its two built-in lenses. While one lens is placed to capture the view from the front, the other can be adjusted for 180 degrees to capture views form the other angles.

The ATC Chameleon comes with a built-in microphone and speaker as well as the ability to capture action shots at 1280 x 720p resolution at 30fps per lens. Both shots can be viewed on a single split screen format. Its built-in lithium polymer battery has enough juice for 2 hours worth of continuous recording. The action camera is splash proof so people can even use it while recording action shots in the rain or in the water. The ATC Chameleon Action Cam is available at Oregon Scientific for US$200.

Image Source: Oregon Scientific

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