Orb Concept Wristwatch

Orb concept wristwatch

Ever since industrial designer Djordje Zivanovic presented his Org concept watch on the Internet, a lot of people went gaga over it and thought that it is actually available. But sad to say, this cool watch has yet to see the light of manufacturing. But hey, patience is a virtue as they say.

To those who are just as oblivious what we are talking about, here is a little tidbit. The Orb concept is Zivanovic’s project for Signity International Watch Design Competition. It is a classic plastic bracelet that features three lines inside the watch that moves around the band as it shows the current time.

The first line shows the hour hand, the second line is for the minutes, and the third line goes around the watch every 60 seconds. What’s even cooler is that he visualizes this watch to adjust time using touchscreen technology. Just touch time lines, click the adjust icon, and slide to the correct time. The Orb could be made in black or white bands, with different colors for the three lines.

Zivanovic said that it is "a simple concept," but the problem lies on how soon is the technology will be available for this watch. Sure, we have seen loads of touchscreens from iPhones to those "Smart Walls" CNN likes to display during its U.S. Presidential elections coverage, but can it work on such a small scale? Let’s just hope that it won’t be too long before we have these cool watches on our wrists.

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