Orange UK's T shirts That Charge Your Phone With Sound

With portable devices becoming a more integral part of daily life, it may be important to keep them powered up all the time. But it may be not always possible since device chargers usually require a power outlet in order to get some charging power. There are now other options available such as solar powered chargers. Orange UK is offering a unique way to charge your portable devices- using T shirts that generate electric power through sound.

Orange UK has developed the prototype Orange Sound Charge T shirt that allows users to connect their mobile phones to it and charge them using power generated from any type of sound in their immediate environment. The prototype T shirt cum charger is equipped with special piezoelectric film that absorbs sound and generate power enough to recharge a mobile phone. Since it generates power through sound, Orange UK will be testing the prototype t shirt at the Glastonbury Festival this year. There would truly be enough sound to go around and power up that phone.

Image Source: Orange UK

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