Optoma NuForce BE2 Affordable Wireless Headphones

Gadgets and accessories today are going the wireless route. It does away with the hassle of having to attach wires and cables to gadgets. It also does away with a common point where some gadgets may be compromised. Wireless is especially ideal for accessories such as headphones. This Optoma NuForce BE2 wireless headphones is just a good example.

The Optoma NuForce BE2 is a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones designed for added convenience. What wires this pair of earphones uses is just a means to hold them together. It connects wirelessly to compatible devices using Bluetooth. It also comes with AAC compatibility, ensuring iPhone compatibility. The earphones boast of SpinFit TwinBlade ear tips to provide optimal comfort and fit to the user. The soft high quality silicone tips ensure that the earphones also have soft yet stable fit as well as quality noise isolation properties.

The Optoma NuForce BE2 earphones are also light as it is made out of polycarbonate material as well as durable with its Kevlar-reinforced cables. It is also water and sweat proof, making it ideal for use outdoors or while exercising in the gym. A 10-hour battery life ensures that users enjoy a quality audio experience non-stop for the rest of the day. But what gives the Optoma NuForce BE2 earphones additional appeal is its price point. It is available for purchase through Amazon for only around $50. Now, that’s quality and affordability combined.

Image Source: Amazon

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