Optional Refrigerator on 2009 Ford Flex SUV Crossover

refrigerator Ford flez SUV crossover

The sports utility vehicle is considered the granddaddy of of vehicles, with its cool features plus a "strong" exterior. A fully-furnished SUV can give you a lot of things to do aside from getting from one place to another. You can watch TV, play games, and now, even take a cold drink right out of the refrigerator.

Ford has recently introduced what could possibly become a new trend in the options department: an optional refrigerator. Currently available on the 2009 Ford Flex SUV Crossover, a $760 worth of upgrade could get you a refrigerator that fits snugly underneath the armrest in the backseat. The fridge may look small, but it can actually hold up to seven 12-ounce cans or four half-liter bottles, which is enough to quench your thirst for the whole trip.

Just like any refrigerator, the in-car fridge of 2009 Ford Flex SUV runs on compressor. Take a drink from room temperature and it can turn it into a cold 41-degree-Fahrenheit in about two-and-a-half hours. It also comes with a freezer option, which brings the temperature further down into a 23 degrees.

Now, if only Ford can come up with an in-car microwave and toilet, then the SUV would be a great place to stay.

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