Optimize Your iPhone Using Playlists


Storage is one of the major problems with iPhone. With just up to 16GB of storage, the limited memory does not give you the luxury to hold your entire music library. iPhone is like an iPod on a very strict diet. It has to support a robust operating system, e-mail, applications, and Internet downloads, with a limited room for your digital music. But do not lose hope, there is good news. With just a few tweaks, you can make iTunes to squeeze the most from your iPhone.

You have four options:

(1) sync your entire music library to the iPhone whenever you connect to your PC; (2) sync certain iTunes playlists to your iPhone; (3) add or delete music manually; or (4) do not sync music. The first option is impractical an impossible in many cases. The third seems to be the best solution, but we just do not have the time for manual syncing. The fourth option is not really an option for music lovers.

The best solution to keep your iPhone lean is to sync playlist. Here’s what you need to do: Make a iPhone playlist of your favorite songs that you listen to over and over, and then use some smart playlists in order to make fresh content to cycle in. After making a regular playlist, connect your iPhone, and then open to the Music tab. Finally, check off the playlist on the menu.

Image Source: Apple

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