Oprah Tweets About Her Love for Microsoft Surface from an iPad

Oprah has not been shy about her love for her annual Favorite Things, which in this year includes the Microsoft Surface RT. Hours ago, she (or one of her staff members) tweeted that she bought 12 Surface units for Christmas gifts, but it was sent using Twitter for iPad.

On the surface (pardon the pun), this sounds likes a bad PR job. It has been reported that Microsoft spent $1.5 billion to promote Windows 8 and the devices that run it. The company fielded celebrities like Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, and Oprah to endorse Windows 8 and/ or Windows Phone 8.

This issue is actually a good opportunity to look into the state of Twitter and related third-party apps for Windows RT, the OS that runs Microsoft Surface RT. Twitter does not have a decent client for the Surface when it launched. There are also third-party clients like Rowi, MetroTwit, and Tweetro, with the latter shut down by Twitter after hitting the 100,000 user-login limit. Twitter accuses Tweetro of “replicating the core experience” of the popular microblogging service.

Also, Twitter has yet to release an official Twitter client in the Windows Store, although it remains a popular app on other platforms.

But given these circumstances, Oprah (or the staffer responsible for tweeting on her behalf) should have tweeted using the Surface via the Twitter website. That single endorsement could have spoken volumes about Microsoft’s own tablet and this boo-boo made Oprah look like a sell-out.

Source: Oprah’s Twitter, via TechCrunch

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