Oppo Muse G11

 Oppo Muse G11

Lots of amazing new features are present in the latest PMP’s, but if you’re still not contented with it, don’t worry. There’s still this new gadget that you might want to try out.

The Muse G11 is a touchscreen PMP that can be flipped open for easy access to the screen. It has an extensive audio and video format, an option for SNES games with control scheme, and a great text to speech capability. Not only that. This gadget also has an integrated FM tuning if you want to veer away from your good old playlist.

When it comes to appearance, the Muse G11 is also a forerunner because this PMP boasts of a swivel-display touchscreen that will absolutely make your head swoon with delight. The only problem we found with it is its low internal memory capacity, which is only 4GB. But then again, with a price of just $161, how can we complain?

Image Source:  Techfresh.net

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