OpenBook Chair

OpenBook ChairHaving a love affair with books is still an ongoing passion for many people. Despite the surge of e-books and other portable electronic reading devices, printed books and magazines continue to sell. Some certain aesthetic factors just cannot compare to reading from an old paper-printed book. That is why people still collect a library full of them. Book lovers only need convenient access to them in order to keep this love affair stronger. The designer from Tilt probably may have this in mind when they came up with the OpenBook Chair.

The OpenBook Chair is a uniquely designed personal chair that adds the function of a typical bookshelf. One side features a set of open shelves where users can place books. The top can also be used as a convenient table for that cup of coffee or a laptop. The other side acts as a personal wall to provide as added level of privacy. The other side of this wall comes with a rack to hang magazines and newspapers in. The OpenBook Chair is also upholstered for added comfort. It serves as a private area where one can enjoy reading books in comfort, with a collection of them just adjacent for easy browsing. The OpenChair provides a functional use in rooms where room space may not afford adequate shelving. Books shelves are integrated into the chair itself. The OpenBook Chair is a design project by London-based design studio Tilt. This furniture is probably made-to-order, the reason why pricing is not available on the site.

Image Source: Tilt

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