Opena iPhone 4 Case Comes with a Bottle Opener

Surely you haven’t heard of bottle openers being attached to smartphones, have you? By the time you finished reading this, you know there is such a thing.

The Opena is an iPhone 4 case that comes with a slide-out bottle opener. Simply put your thumb in the round cutout and slide it down to reveal the stainless steel bottle opener. The makers of Opena assure you that its design will not apply too much force on the smartphone as you open the bottle, while the dock connector remains protected, and the back of the iPhone will not be scratched by the constant sliding. It may add a bit of bulk, but hey, that happens to most iPhone 4 cases.

The catch is that its Melbourne-based designers need funding to get it running. If you want to help them help you get your own Opena iPhone 4 bottle opener, go to their Kickstarter page and pledge funding. A pledge of US$30 would get your very own Opena, or two for a $50 pledge. Add more funding and you could even get your own limited-edition serial numbered version. This project only has about 24 days to fill in its $15,000 funding and they are halfway through.

Source: CrunchGear

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