The Onyx, A Wearable Group Communicator

The Onyx Group CommunicatorCommunication is an essential part of daily life. People need to talk with friends and loved ones regularly to feel that they are part of the family. People are essentially social creatures with the need to communicate. It is helpful that there are now different ways for people to communicate. From smartphones, online chat to text messaging, people are always in constant communication with someone somewhere in the world. For people who like to communicate as a group, or conference calls and group chats just won’t do, OnBeep is introducing the Onyx group communicator.

The Onyx is a unique device that allows people to communicate in groups wherever they may be. This device pairs up with a smartphone via Bluetooth. By downloading a companion app on the phone, the Onyx becomes a group communicator similar to a walkie-talkie. But this time, there are no geographical limits to connect groups using Onyx devices. As long as there is a WiFi or cellular connection, the Onyx can connect group members to talk with each other, regardless of distance.

The Onyx is a wearable circular device that features a button in the middle that users press to talk. Other Onyx users within the group will receive the message no matter where they are in the world as long as the signal is consistent. It is a more convenient option than trying to take out your mobile phone to answer a call or typing a message to send out. If you prefer sending voice messages to a chosen group of friends or loved ones, then using the Onyx group communicator offers a unique solution. The Onyx is currently available for pre-order at $99. The device also needs to pair with an iOS or Android phone equipped with the OnBeep app in order to work.

Image Source: OnBeep

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