Only in Japan: Croc-Skinned VAIO P Notebook

If you think customized laptops couldn’t be any more ostentatious, this Sony VAIO P laptop comes covered with crocodile skin. Apart from the leather cover, this 8-inch notebook can be customized to upgrade the hardware from the Atom Z560 processor to an Intel US15X, 256GB SSD, and optional 12.5-hour extended battery life.

It also comes with an integrated accelerometer, which makes it able to detect the direction the user is holding the notebook and even change screen orientation to fit long lines of text into the screen. Other notable features include a one-touch resolution button, GPS with compass, instant-on web browser, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, and Windows 7.

This croc-covered VAIO P is only available in Japan and do not expect this baby to come in proletariat price tags.

Source: Sony Brands, via CrunchGear

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