Onkyo iLunar RBX500 Dock Speaker

Most of the portable dock speakers available today are designed to work well with smartphones as a combined unit. But in order to function well, both need to have compatible features to compensate for what the other may not have. Since smartphones are not built for creating louder audio, the speaker docks like the new Onkyo iLunar RBX500 compensates for it.

In the case of the Onkyo iLunar RBX500, it does not just provide louder audio power for smartphones. It does so with six 5-Watt satellite speakers and a single 10Watt subwoofer built in. You compare that with other speaker docks that only provide one or two speakers for audio and you get the point. The iLunar RBX500 is compatible for both the iPhone and the iPod with its dedicated connector. Other smartphones can also connect to the speaker dock via Bluetooth. The Onkyo iLunar RBX500 is set to be available in Japan sometime in November. No pricing details have yet been provided.

Image Source: Onkyo

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