Onkyo HT-SP908 Home Theater System

Onkyo HT-SP908

The Onkyo HT-SP908 DVD home theater system offers features that work well with today’s most recent gadgets. Even having an HDTV will go well with this Onkyo DVD home theater system. It is capable of converting a DVD video source from the player that comes with it into 1080p HDTV quality resolution to provide better viewing pleasure. It also can convert standard sounds into studio master quality audio with its unique set up of speakers. A built-in radio and TV tuner makes it a complete home set up.

The Onkyo HT-SP908 speaker system is composed of 2 90-Watt front speakers, a 90-watt center speaker, 4 90-watt surround speakers and a 230-watt subwoofer. It also comes with an iPod dock that allows users to connect their gadget easily into the speaker system for better listening pleasure. Priced at around US$ 650, the Onkyo HT-SP908 DVD home theater system would be quite an addition to your planned home theater set up.

Image Source: Onkyo

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