One million Xbox One units sold on first day

One million Xbox One units were sold on its first day of retail.

One million Xbox One units were sold on its first day of retail.

Research analysts have reported that one million Xbox One units were sold within the first 24 hours of retail, just like what happened with Sony’s PlayStation 4. This bit of news gives much hope for the future of next-generation gaming consoles.

Brian Blau, Gartner’s research director in consumer technologies, said that one million units sold from Microsoft or Sony is respectable, saying it is a “positive sign that gamers are still very interested” with the latest home gaming devices.

“It shows that there has been a lot of pent up demand over the past seven to eight years,” Blau said in an interview with ABC News.

The debut sales volume between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has its differences. While a million PS4’s were sold in the United States and Canada when it debuted November 15, one million Xbox One units were sold in 11 additional countries. While the numbers are promising, Blau says first-day sales cannot determine the future of both consoles.

“One million isn’t a lot in the lifetime of a product that stretches out for five to seven years,” he added. “It’ll be months and years to come before we see which console the game players are really favoring.”

Both consoles are not only being compared on its sales performance, specifications, and gaming experience, but also on each other’s faults. A number of users have reported hardware issues on both consoles, with the PlayStation 4’s “Blue Light of Death” and Xbox One’s broken disc drives.

But Blau says these hardware issues should not come as a surprise. “Over time, the companies will fix these issues and change their manufacturing processes to compensate for them.”

Source: ABC News

Image Source: Canadapanda/ Shutterstock

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