One Handed xBox 360 Controller

One Handed xBox 360 Controller

If you have never heard of a one handed xBox 360 controller, then chances are, you might be one of the many two-handed gamers out there conveniently enjoying playing with their xBox’s at home. But pity for those who may be unfortunate enough to only have one hand to play games on the xBox, with the two handed controllers only available. For those so-called unfortunate, there is no need to worry about not being able to play your favorite gaming console. You can have Ben Heckendorn to thank for that.

Good ol’ Ben has just developed a number of one handed xBox 360 game controllers for people who wish to play their favorite games one handed. Initially, Ben Heckendorn built one upon the request of one serviceman who was injured in Iraq. And since then, he has developed a number of models that cater to the playing pleasure of one handed gamers in the world.

Although these one handed xBox 360 controllers are still prototypes, they can already be good enough to check out. This one handed xBox 360 controller essentially has four right thumb buttons, the right trigger button for the pinky finger, right bumper for the middle and ring fingers, with the left trigger button for use by the index finger. The one handed xBox 360 controller is actually a modification of the original xBox 360 controller in typical Ben Heckendorn fashion. Other buttons were added for more convenience for one handed gamers. This prototype may hold the promise of being an exciting gadget to wait for someday.




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