OnBeat Solar Headphones

It is sometimes puzzling that with all the efficiency solar energy can bring to our lives, why do companies do not incorporate it in modern-day portable devices? A Kickstarter campaign from United Kingdom has come up with a pair of solar-powered headphones. The OnBeat solar headphones sports a flexible solar panel embedded around the band. The panel is strategically placed so that it could receive ample sun rays.

The solar headphones’ panel charges a couple of lightweight lithium ion batteries, which are placed inside the ear cups. There is also a USB port at one of the cups that serves as charging port for your smartphone or tablet, so you do not have to look for wall outlets to plug.

The creators of OnBeat solar headphones do not clearly state how much charging power you can get from such a small panel, only saying that the solar cell has a surface area of 55 cubic centimeters and a charge capacity of 0.55 watts. Apart from the solar panel, the headphones can also be charged through a computer or main outlet via USB.

On the specs that really matter, the audio, OnBeat solar headphones has an impedance of 32 +/- 10% Ohm, frequency response range from 20hz to 20,000Khz, and sensitivity of 100 +/- 3 decibels.

OnBeat’s creators hope they would be able to reach a rather ambitious funding goal of £200,000 (about US$298,000) with only 30 days to go. Interested backers can pledge for at least £69 ($103) for the possibility of owning a pair.

Source: Kickstarter, via TechCrunch

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