Om One, the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Om OneYou might think that you know a lot about speakers. You believe that you have seen them all. But certain innovations come when you least expected it. You will certainly be impressed when you first see the Om One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.

The Om One is a Bluetooth speaker unlike anything you may have seen. What makes it unique is that the speaker unit literally floats in the air. It levitates from a magnetic base that also acts as a charger not only for the Bluetooth speaker but also other USB devices as well. The floating orb speaker comes with a 75mm audio driver and a built-in microphone. Aside from a portable speaker the Om One can also function as a speakerphone with its Bluetooth connectivity features. It can also play for up to 15 hours on a single charge. The Om One Bluetooth speaker is currently up for a funding campaign at So far, it has exceeded expectations by going over their target of $100,000 initial funding target with still over a month to go. If interested, you can still pre-order this gravity defying Bluetooth speaker for $179. Expected delivery of the units for the early adopters is around December of this year.

Image Source: Om One

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