Olympus LS 20M PCM Recorder

Live recording may be something that people wish to get right. PCM recorders seem to provide the best quality live recording for ordinary folk without access to more advanced gadgets. Interviews, live recitals and other similar recordings can have CD quality audio in the using PCM recorders. But Olympus may be offering something different with its new LS 20M PCM Recorder. This time, HD video might be added into the mix.

The new Olympus LS 20M PCM Recorder is a hand held recorder that can now record live audio as well as video. Aside from recording in CD quality audio, the Olympus LS 20M is now equipped with a 4.1mm auto focus lens with 4x digital zoom that can record video in HD quality. Audio recording in better than CD quality is possible by the integrated studio grade condenser mics on the device. The Olympus LS 20M also features a 2 inch color LCD screen that displays the video as it is being recorded. A separate 1.46 inch display displays data like time, audio levels and battery life. The Olympus LS 20M is expected to be available in the market by June of this year. It is estimated to cost around US$300 to have one.

Image Source: Olympus

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